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  • How do I get the most value out of my RDA plan?

    The dining centers extend a 40% discount on all purchases made with RDA funds.  Dining at Hillside Café, Northside Café and Southside Café will provide the most purchasing power from your RDA dollars. RDA is accepted at markets, espresso bars, late night FLIX, Einstein Bagels and Carlitas, these location extend a lesser discount of 10%. 

  • What's on the menu?

    Northside: /dining-options/northside-cafe/

    Southside: /dining-options/southside-cafe/

    Hillside: /dining-options/hillside-cafe/

  • What meal plan should I choose.

    We suggest that you make your decision based upon how often you plan to eat in the residence dining facilities, how often you plan to use your RDA dollars in the markets and espresso bars, what kind of food you plan to eat since items are individually priced, and how often you plan to go home on weekends. Level 2 is the most commonly selected plan. Read through the information available on our Dining Plan to assess what level is best for you:  /rda/